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Tools For Locksmiths

I now have genuine Grobet files! I have both round and pippin in stock! In 6" I have #2, #4 and #6 cut round and #2 and #4 in pippin. In 8" I have #2 and #4 cut round only. Contact me if you have specific needs

Grobet Files Are Now Here

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For impressioning many people will argue over which is the perfect file to use. Whichever your choice, these high quality european crafted files will fit the bill. Here you see the pippins, named for the apple seed (pippin) shape of their cross section. They provide a knife edge for good starting cuts, or impressioning for very narrow wafers and a rounded belly for normal cuts. The benefit of the pippin besides the 2 distinct shapes, is that unlike a round file when you tilt it to one side you can fashion the slopes without leaving "hooks" on deep cuts. Available in either the #4 Cut (fine) or #2 Cut (medium).
6" Swiss Pattern Pippin #2 Cut $41.50

***Special Requests: I can get just about any style, cut and size of file made today. All you need do is ask!***
PVC Protective Case $5.00

This case is made from strong PVC, with protective foam added to the ends. It will protect your file investment either in shipping or rattling around in your tool box.
Small Handle for 6" Files $3.50

The wood handle feels confortable in your hand. The long ferrule offers added strength and durability. The small handles are appropriate for 6"files.
Large Handle for 8" Files $4.50

The wood handle feels confortable in your hand. The long ferrule offers added strength and durability. The large handles are appropriate for 8"or 10" files.
Basic Magnifying Visor $27.50

This high quality American made visor is practically indispensable for impressioning. The optics are made from the same materials as prescription eyeglasses. They have no center post to obstruct your view. The remainder of the body is made from tough durable ABS plastic. The ratchetting head strap adjusts like the ones on a welder's mask and stay adjusted! The basic comes with 2.25 X power (equal to +5 diopter) lens that gives you a comfortable 8" working distance. There are other magnifications available by special order, but I have found this one to be optimal for impressioning.
Magnifying Visor with Auxiliary Lens $37.50

This model is the same as the basic above, but has an additional flip down auxiliary lens. When in place the auxiliary lens increases the magnification a little more than twice, and reduces your working distance to 3". You will probably not want to use it all the time, but in those times when you just have to have a bit more magnification it is great to have it available.
If you are outside of the US, contact me for rates to your country.

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image of pippin file image of round file image of 8in. roundfile
6" Pippin #4 and #2 Cut 6" Round #4 and #2 Cut 8" Round #4 and #2 Cut
pippin file file handle visor
Pippen with PVC Protective Case Handles for Files Magnifying Visors