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Tools For Locksmiths

I now have genuine Grobet files! I have both round and pippin in stock! In 6" I have #2, #4 and #6 cut round and #2 and #4 in pippin. In 8" I have #2 and #4 cut round only. I will be updating the website as soon as I can, with new prices and such. However, if you need something before then, just send me an email with what you need. Contact me if you have specific needs

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For impressioning many people will argue over which is the perfect file to use. Whichever your choice, these high quality genuine Grobet files will fit the bill. Here you see the pippins, named for the apple seed (pippin) shape of their cross section. They provide a knife edge for good starting cuts, or impressioning for very narrow wafers and a rounded belly for normal cuts. The benefit of the pippin besides the 2 distinct shapes, is that unlike a round file when you tilt it to one side you can fashion the slopes without leaving "hooks" on deep cuts. Available in either the #4 Cut (fine) or #2 Cut (medium).
6" #2 Swiss Cut Pippin $68.00

6" #4 Swiss Cut Pippin $79.00

For those that use pippin files, and prefer a bit more length, here is a genuine Grobet 8" beauty! They are only available in #2 cut.
8" #2 Swiss Cut Pippin $94.00

Round files are preferred by some for impressioning. If you like a round file this genuine Grobet is the one for you. Available in either the #6 Cut (extra fine) #4 Cut (fine) or #2 Cut (medium).
6" #2 Swiss Cut Round $20.00

6" #4 Swiss Cut Round $23.00

6" #6 Swiss Cut Round $38.00

Some people prefer an 8" file when impressioning for the longer stroke it affords them. Well, you asked for them, here they are, genuine Grobet! Available in either the #4 Cut (fine) or #2 Cut (medium).
8" #2 Swiss Cut Round $27.00

8" #4 Swiss Cut Round $32.00

If you really want a nice long stroke, here is a genuine Grobet 10" available only in #2 Cut (medium).
10" #2 Swiss Cut Round $38.00